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Stamping Out Crime – Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership
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Welcome to the Tonbridge and Malling Community Safety Partnership (CSP) website.


The Tonbridge and Malling CSP vision is:
" working together to ensure the safety and security of Tonbridge and Malling's residents, businesses and visitors"

What is the CSP?

The Crime and Disorder Act came into force in July 1998 and required CSPs to be established in each District and Borough in England and Wales. The Act placed an obligation on local authorities and the Police (amongst others) to work together to develop and implement a strategy to tackle crime and disorder in their area.

Under the Act and the subsequent Police Reform Act 2002, Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council, Kent Police, Kent County Council, Kent Police Authority, Kent Fire and Rescue Service and West Kent Primary Care Trusts were designated 'Responsible Authorities' and are held accountable for this work. Other agencies have also joined with the Partnership including Registered Social Landlords, the Probation Service and Voluntary organisations.

What do we do?

The CSP prepares an annual Action Plan which contains actions it will take to tackle its priorities for that year. A number of meetings are held involving different agencies to look at issues and actions that can be taken to resolve these issues.

Recently a Community Safety Unit has been established which brings together the Police, Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council, KCC Wardens and other partners. At daily briefing meetings, each report of vulnerable or repeat victims is discussed and actions are taken to resolve the issues raised.


Further information about the work of the Commmunity Safety Partnership is available by looking through the website.


Tonbridge Community Alcohol Partnership

A new Community Alcohol Partnership for Tonbridge is being developed. This will aim to tackle underage drinking and proxy sales in Tonbridge. Partners are already undertaking visits to each of the licenced premises in the area to explain to them what the Partnership is and how they can help. We'll also be looking to educate young people about the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption and taking enforcement actions where required.

We would like residents of Tonbridge to give us their views on underage drinking in Tonbridge. If you are a resident of Tonbridge please complete this quick survey which will help us to plan what work we need to undertake as part of this scheme.


Stop press... CSP now on Twitter and Facebook

The CSP is now on Twitter and Facebook - look for Tonbridge & Malling Community Safety Partnership on Facebook and TM_CSP on Twitter. These will provide information on a regular basis about what the CSP is involved with.


The Prevent Strategy

The Prevent Strategy  seeks to support people who are vulnerable to radicalisation. Re-launched in July 2011, the new strategy is about providing early intervention and support, not criminalising. The Community Safety Partnership has produced a Prevent Action Plan and will be working with partners to identify anyone who may be at risk of radicalisation or extremism.

The threat level from international terrorism in the UK is SEVERE, meaning an attack is highly likely. The national advice is simple; if you're caught up in an incident:

  • RUN if you can
  • HIDE if you can't
  • TELL - call the Police so they can get there quickly and warn others to stay away.

The terrorist threat is real and there's no room for complacency. You should remain alert and aware of your surroundings at all times.

If you see someone acting suspiciously, a vehicle out of place or an unattended package or bag, immediately move away and call 999. You can also call the anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789321.


Kent Community Alcohol Programme in Snodland

The Community Safety Partnership runs a Kent Community Alcohol Programme (KCAP) in Snodland. This is a partnership between KCC Trading Standards, Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council, Kent Police, Snodland Town Council, local organisations and the retailers aimed at reducing incidents of underage drinking, informing licenced premises about underage sales and working with parents and residents to inform them about safe, sensible drinking.

The KCAP will involve Trading Standards undertaking random test purchases, youth organisations will work with the young people to inform them about the dangers of drinking and a parents event will be arranged to inform parents of the law around children drinking alcohol.

Further information about KCAP

Public Space Protection Order (PSPO)

The Borough Council has implemented a Public Space Protection Order for the Borough. The aim of the PSPO is to reduce particular types of anti-social behaviour within the borough and it also replaces existing Dog Control Orders and Designated Public Place Orders, as well as extending these to other areas. The PSPO contains multiple restrictions - some will apply to all public spaces in the borough and others will apply to specific locations. A breach of the PSPO will result in a Fixed Penalty Notice being issued.

Further details about the PSPO can be found on Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council's website -

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