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Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs)

Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) are uniformed civilian support officers introduced as part of the Government's Police Reform Act 2002.

PCSOs work alongside the police in a supporting role, providing a visible presence and helping to reassure the public. They patrol their local area, providing assistance and dealing with incidents of nuisance and anti-social behaviour which don't require full police powers. By dealing with minor incidents PCSOs enable police to make more effective use of their time.

Their main duties are:

  • to carry out high visibility patrols to prevent public order and nuisance; and
  • to respond to requests for assistance from the public to deal with anti-social behaviour.

In Tonbridge and Malling, PCSOs wear a blue uniform with a blue band around their hat. They carry radios and mobile phones and can call for police assistance when required. They are employed and trained by Kent Police and funded jointly by Kent Police and the Home Office.

At present there are 19 PCSOs deployed in Tonbridge and Malling. Residents can find out more about their local PCSO by contacting their local police station - these details can be found on the Kent Police website or telephone 101 to be put through to your local officer/PCSO.

To contact Kent Police

  • In an emergency (when life is in danger or crime is in progress) always call 999
  • Report a non urgent crime or incident online - this is a new service and is quick and easy to use (
  • Report a non-injury collision online if you didn't stop or exchange details after a collision.

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