Tonbridge Safer Towns Partnership

A Safer Town Partnership (also known as a Business Crime Reduction Partnership) is a constituted partnership made up from members from all sectors of the business community working in partnership to reduce crime and disorder against businesses. There is a national standard for Business Crime Reduction Partnerships (BCRP), the Safer Business Award, that indicates that they have confirmed their commitment to the scheme by signing the relevant protocols and agreements. In Kent all major towns are covered by BCRPs (the highest concentration of partnerships in the United Kingdom) and all operate to the Safer Business award standard.

A Safer Towns Co-ordinator runs the scheme and in almost all cases, costs of that appointment is funded the local Safer Towns Partnership from revenue generated from radio rental schemes. This gives the programme long-term sustainability and the means to develop and expand.

In Tonbridge & Malling there is a Safer Towns scheme in Tonbridge.

Joining Tonbridge Safer Towns Partnership

The Tonbridge Safer Towns Partnership is a non profit making scheme, we offer competitive rates compared to other schemes across Kent and the UK. The small fee outweighs the benefits for your business and we have established two levels of membership depending on your businesses needs.

The co-ordinator will visit and advise on cost and complete the short application form with you. You will have to adhere to the protocols and data protection laws regarding information sharing.

Benefits what's in it for me?

  • Communication with community police, CCTV and other members via
    radio link.
  • Photograph and information sharing of local offenders.
  • Town exclusion notice scheme - more effective than single banning.
  • Prevention of crime through better communication.
  • Immediate notification of current problems and banned persons.
  • Feeling of security - being in the loop.
  • Dedicated co-ordinator.
  • Training and regular town meetings with members and other organisations.
  • Awareness of current crime trends.
  • Increased public safety.
  • Reducing the fear of crime and intimidation.
  • Increased trade/profits.

The aim of the scheme is to reduce business crime in Tonbridge by increasing trade and making a safer environment for staff, customers and visitors.

Action against Business Crime Safer Business Award

Tonbridge Safer Towns is a member of Action against Business Crime (AABC). This is an independent non profit organisation working with business crime reduction partnerships (BCRPs), police, local authorities and other agencies to help businesses reduce the impact and cost of crime against them, their staff and the communities they trade in.

AABC has developed the Safer Business Award (SBA) to ensure that there are nationally recognised and accepted standards for the management and operation of business crime reduction partnerships. To ensure those standards are maintained, partnerships are inspected by AABC before being accredited. The Tonbridge Safer Towns Partnership has received a Distinction from the AABC.

Tonbridge Safer Towns are dedicated to reducing crime in your area. We have a management board in place made up from local businesses overseeing the scheme.

Kent Police will provide photographs and relevant details of prolific offenders who are banned through the scheme, these photographs are then issued to scheme members.

In addition, members will provide details of incidents to the scheme co-ordinator who will collate and share with police, CCTV and other relevant agencies.

Contact Details

For more information contact

Gary Smith

Tonbridge Safer Towns Co-ordinator Tel: 07734 189782

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